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Record of School Achievement (RoSA)


From 2012, eligible students who leave school before receiving their Higher School Certificate (HSC) will receive the NSW Record of School Achievement (RoSA).


The RoSA is a cumulative credential in that it allows students to accumulate their academic results until they leave school.


The RoSA records completed Stage 5 and Preliminary Stage 6 courses and grades, and participation in any uncompleted Preliminary Stage 6 courses.


It is of specific use to students leaving school prior to the HSC.


Eligibility for the Record of School Achievement (RoSA)


To qualify for the RoSA, a student must have:


  • attended a government school, an accredited non-government school or a recognised school outside NSW;

  • completed courses of study that satisfy the Board’s curriculum and assessment requirements for the RoSA;

  • complied with all requirements imposed by the Minister or the Board; and

  • completed Year 10.


Students leaving school who do not meet the RoSA requirements will be issued with a printed Transcript of Study.

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